Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Away-ink: A book

16 NOV 2023

A step into the new pieces for the comic panels… In the days to pass by, what will be seen? How are the worlds built out? The drops of “The Clone Did It” and “Amongst the Frames” are here to be seen.

Away forward ink the path

Objects in the way p3

Object in the way p3

Well, at least the package will be easy to be stored.

Is this person known?

Yes, a co-worker at Ominrun Inc.

Well, the store there was destroyed by the person know of any ill will to work?

Nope. All upside for the week. Be an act unpaired to work.

Thanks for the information.


In the studio p1

In the studio p1

La Tinta

Into the decives p1

Into the device p1

Suppose there is not a problem… What is gained?

To get the answer for that, a journey must be taken.

Proliferative to become revered and nimble of ascertainable a view.

Amongst the frames

Meet Steel and No. (book page 1)

Meet Steel and no p1

Not a menu item for order, Steel.

Get a no?


An order online is easier to fill.


The Clone did it

Gettin the photos (book page 1)

Getting the photo's p1

It’s known from the flashing camera that a person is out here.

Well, the thinking to abscond was right.

Sojourn to the kitchen and talk. It may be a better story.

Evading would get a half-truth. So, the kitchen awaits.

Thanks for the time and read.

Always grateful for the support of the work.

With the first posting of “A Book” having five, this week of comics is filled with drawing and writing. It has humor and tells a straightforward story. The links below give a path to more work. While the birds give way to support.


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