Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Away-Ink: A Book

17 NOV 2023

A day has passed by, And the first pieces to break out for “The Clone Did It” and “Amongst the Frames” join in the weekly page breakdown. With the ongoing twisted line of the other titles. The work for Away-ink is growing. Questions are rising for the serpentine lines of each comic being made. What can be seen in today’s breakdown?

Away forward ink the path

Object in the way. p4

object in the way p4

There is information on the employable action taken last night. It would seem to have been released. If the information just overheard is right. Check the police reports for a store.

Is there a strong chance for it?

Why did it come off as protection for the information given?

Well, there is a twisted line to the why.


In the studio. p2

In the studio. p2

La Tinta

Into the device p2

Into the device p2

In this logged trip of the mind, travel to a place rich in information and folklore. But like most places, the culture and mythos of the religions are forgotten.

Amongst The Frames

Laundry day

laundry day


What was the sound?

What is being done?

Having fun.

The Clone Did It

Getting the photos p2

Getting the photos p2

Guessing the job is a reporter?


Well, Diamond Eye, and if followed, the canvas’s eremite will be met.

Kind of rap while talking.

Money is made in practice and consociates with a routine. The mind is given a break.

exhume for the room eremit.


A reporter is here.

Fine calling Blood Shoot.

Thanks for the time and read. As the comic pages are presented in away that becomes an everyday sight. The mind is left with pondering on a few things. So, a follow of the work being done may be the answer to it, or use the links below to read other posts.


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