Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Away-ink: A book

18 NOV 2023

A day has passed by, And the questions are being asked at the table. How will the group decide to break things down? A new comic page for Away Forward starts today, answering the last. Or will it be a unique piece that adds to the view? Just like the puzzlements, a wonder of where it fits. The inkle in “La tinta” found a way to the web. A device can be fun.

Away Forward ink the path

A wonder of how? p1

A wonder of how p1

Can it be said why the shop is considered a Package store and not a fashion one?


Got a package at the counter. Asking, Can it be passed along?

Entente cordiale is at work. Mitchel, was in the picture, is the head of research. With the new shoe line coming up, why would that happen?


In the studio p3

in to the studio p3

La Tinta

Into the devices p3

into the devices p3

A place where temples are a part of the ordinary day. Trees are taking over those temples and adding a heavy weight carried by the walls until a vitiation of the region takes place.
The erudition from the pain is commonplace in a horror film, leading to a lifelong passion of scholarship for the writer Wes Craven. The boy’s death that wasn’t an isolated incident. Craven had found just one of many articles detailing the sleep-induced death.

Amongst the frames

A easy comic

The easy comic

Was a layer of paint applied?

That looks fun.

The clone did it

Getting the photos p3

getting the photos p3

This is the…

Stop with the eremit talk. Wise Man and… This is Blood Shoot on video call.

Jenny Homes, Report for the Fe-ward Broadcasting Radio. Sent to get a report of the new work.

A mooching of the work. Why not ask?

Got to agree. Why not?

First endeavor.



What is the thinking?

Show some work and conge.

Thanks for the time and read. With those parts of the work done, the puzzle seems odd. Jenny is having a conversation about the photos. A soft step into the comic of “The clone did it, “And the report being watched by the inkle seems detailed. An answer does come from “Away forward ink the path.” But in all the puzzlement is there for the week. Follow along or use the links to see more. Always grateful for the support of the work.


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