Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Away-ink: A book

19 NOV 2023

A day has passed, And the work answers are there. While a box is to be passed along, the puzzle of the pieces is still bewildering. Has the report been listed? All these questions are they answered today? Or is the conversation still going? Like which is Steel and which is No? Found out at least one or more on Away-ink…

Away forward ink the path

A wonder of how p2

a wonder of how p2

A dereliction of action can be forgotten, but the company store makes it an auspices act.

Right. Why make it easy to recall the event?

What has been gained by the entente cordiale?

That Is an unknown. A trust could be there, but it should not be helpful.

A muda kind that is not good.


In the studio p4

in the studio p4

La Tinta

Into the devices p4

into the devices p4

The news of flowers and the headline of bedraggled at the water treatment plant. Was leaving worries about the effects on water. Now, a request to boil water before use. It comes from the same Water treatment plant, which causes concern. Stay with Line of Head News for more information when it’s ready.

Amongst the frames

Getting a name

Getting a name

What is the thinking?

The old master.

Sammy, Dean, Bobby, Fletcher…


The clone did it

Getting the photo p3

Getting the photo p4

An endeavor for a new report, and it comes back looking like a teen mag. Guess the excuse of “An honesty drop” is coming. Cause Club MJ handled this like pros. The art barely shows anything for the mind to grasp on, too.

Putting the photos aside. Did the writing work bring an erudition?

Then, the editor is down the hallway, and the hopeful erudition can be brought forth. Rewriting is the show’s point. And working for So’Em media, the power needs to be there.

Thanks for the time and read. The conversation was over, and the result was less than wanted. Got one name, And that made the battle known. Thanks, “GI Joe.” The report switched to an older story that appeared eleven pages ago in La Tinta there be a reason to build post that cove the months to get those timeline in order. Follow the work here to see if that is done. or use the links below to see more. Always grateful for the support of the work


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