Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Away-ink: A book

20 NOV 2023

A day has passed by, While the conversation at the booth is bearing fruit for the mind. The puzzlement of the pieces is to be turned over to see what the picture is. While the trip taking into the devices is yielding other answers. “Amongst the frames” takes a step back along with “The clone did it.” And the bonus of “Late to the party” joins in telling the excuss of why so late.

Away forward ink the path

A wonder of how? p3

A wonder of how p3

Guessing that Jane’s shop would be a better place to gather information than an art booth.

Welcome to the booth.

Hmm, Got a small card built with the one worker, but try and keep it with a conversation.


In the studio p5

in the studio p5

La Tinta

Into the devices p5

Into the devices p5

The authorities lazily dubbed the phenomena Asian Death Syndrome, which affects the heart’s rhythm. Today, it is known as Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome, or perhaps Brugada syndrome or death syndrome, though medical research has yet to provide an adequate explanation for the deaths.

Late to the party

Away with the excuss

Thanks for the time and read. With the week’s effort focused on building more, the scheduling is looked at, and choices are to be made. A recap of work is a need, and time with family is a good thing to do. Recapping of SEP and OCT to give wrapping of the ropes of “Away forward ink the path” and “La Tina” may be more than that. Always grateful for the support of the work.


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