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Away-ink: A book

21 NOV 2023

A day has passed, and the work form of the pages is broken out for the last day of the week. And the step back in learning is coming for the comic. Used or not is joining the work given to the day. What question are asked? And what answer are recived?

Away forward ink the path

A wonder of how? p4

a wonder of how p4

Oh, look, Tony got a few moments to be yelled at?

If the answer is yes, will there be time to talk?

Oh well, that request needs time just sold out of thanks cards.

So, the first information was from here.


In the studio p6

in the studio p6

La Tinta

Into the devices p6

Into the device p6

What is pedantry going forward?

A small thing to change the world.

Used or Not

glimpse fo comic comics

glimpse of comic comics

Thanks for the time and read. The week was heavy, having the titles join “Amongst the Frames” And “The Clone Did it,” while the bonus work of “Late to the Party” and “Used or Not” still made a showing. With Wednesday coming up, what will be learned for the comics? What choices are made for the coming pages to be broken down? and what small change came to the comic of “La tinta”? Find out with a follow of the work, or use the links below to see more from Away-ink. Always grateful for the support of the work.

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